About Us

The team behind the Manyfesto came together around a shared desire to move beyond Western-centric biases in isolation driving global technology as we move forward into the algorithmic era. Comprised of around two dozen experts in AI, social sciences, humanities, human rights, from different geographic regions, racial gender, age, class, and other intersectionalities, the group met over the course of 16 months, in the middle of the pandemic, to envision and draft the Manyfesto published here.

But this draft is just the start - the goal of the group is to provide this text as the basis for workshops, papers and policy all designed to manifest awareness that for technology that is “fair”, “trustworthy”, or “responsible” it cannot encompass the biases and interests of one region or people alone. Epistemic asymmetries around AI translate in social and economic asymmetries.

If you’re moved by the Manyfesto, please get in touch to find ways to collaborate. We would like to get in touch with different communities interested in building alternative and techno-diverse futures.


  • Aarathi Krishnan
  • Angie Abdilla
  • A Jung Moon
  • Carlos Affonso Souza
  • Chelle Adamson
  • Eileen M. Lach
  • Farah Ghazal
  • Jessica Fjeld
  • Jennyfer Taylor
  • John C. Havens
  • Malavika Jayaram
  • Monique Morrow
  • Nagla Rizk
  • Paola Ricaurte Quijano
  • R. Buse Çetin
  • Raja Chatila
  • Ravit Dotan
  • Sabelo Mhlambi
  • Sara Jordan
  • Sarita Rosenstock

Contact: contact@manyfesto.ai